Coworking. It’s much more than a space where you get a considerable amount of work done. 

Coworking has become a way of life here in Canggu, Bali. It’s a space where people not only collaborate but form new business partnerships, great friendships and hear ideas they’ve never heard of before.

Coworking spaces are frequented by some of the most interesting people in the world, and there are many reasons why. 

Everyone is in a different industry, and has something to offer– in particular a new point of view now and again that could help inspire you and assist you with considering new thoughts or achieving more in your business or day job.

These collaborating spaces are likewise incredible for networking– you may have the opportunity to find out about a new start up before it becomes the next Amazon or Apple!


A new network to inspire you

Coworking spaces encourage a feeling of community and a network that is like no other. Generally working at home can feel lonely, going an entire week or days without addressing someone else or speaking to a real human-being!

As coworking spaces are so open, it gets simpler for individuals to be in the position to meet new friends and build up a feeling of community around their work. Socialising and communication are both vital pieces of a satisfying life. Having an environment that’s cohesive and productive, while still making you smile every day is inspiring in itself.

Being close to cafes or restaurants like Connco is, helps when it comes time to wind down, grab your new buddies and check out the area together. You’ll get more out of your day that way!


It's changing how we travel 

Everyone craves some sort of feeling of structure. But when you travel, your day is regularly changing and every day isn’t the same. Working in a coworking space, among others, will probably improve your effectiveness and time management. You’re around people who also have big goals, bright visions, work to complete, and most importantly, the dreaded deadlines!

Gone are the days where you had to be in an formative office, slaving away 9-5. Nowadays, with any coworking office, it’s not difficult to see the world while staying on top of the work you need to complete. 

When you want to travel, you need a place where you can go to and get work done! At the end of the day, the harder you work, the more places you’ll get to see ;)


It’s flexible and reliable

Coworking spaces offer what conventional office spaces don't: flexibility. Leasing a legitimate office space implies buying costly things, for example, printers, computers, couches, office seating, air conditioning, kitchen items, as well as being locked into a long term lease, which isn't feasible for most new business ventures.

It’s great when coworking spaces take the hard work out of setting up a new business, it’s all there ready for you to use without the hassle of set-up and taking care of amenities. 

We know you’d rather spend your money investing back into your business, or rather yourself! It’s also great when the space has a working coffee machine, caffeine is proven to aid high productivity - duh!


Fast internet and 24-hour coworking space access

In present day society, and especially with busy entrepreneurs, we tend to work on numerous time zones and need things done quickly, or even yesterday! Busy individuals need reliable and fast internet networks to avoid disappointment. If we do get bad internet, it could be detrimental to an important meeting or new partner we’re trying to connect with. 

Connco prides itself on having multiple networks, and an internet technical team on standby for these important moments. There is nothing worse than working hard on something, only to have the internet fail half-way through. So we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are friendly and approachable. 

On the off chance that you think you'd fit in well at a coworking space, or you’re looking to collaborate with like minded individuals then come find us at Connco Work Hub on Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia! We’re always on the hunt to meet new members!

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