General Terms and Conditions

    1.1. ADDRESS
    Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 91 2nd Floor, Canggu, Kuta Utara
    Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
    1.2. HOW TO GET HERE
    Connco Work Hub is accessible by taxi, online taxi, motorbike, car, or bicyle. Located in Batu Bolong, Connco is just a stone away from one of famous surfing spots in Bali.
    Connco Work Hub opens 24 hours and 7 days a week.
    1.4. PARKING
    If you have your motorbike, you can park right outside the building. If you drive a car, you can park it at Kirana Hotel (next to our building) parking lot. You just need to tell the security about Connco Work Hub.
    1.5. BUILDING
    The first floor is Ninety-One, a casual dining inspired by The East. There is a pool where Connco Work Hub member will have access to. The second floor is the working space, terrace, small meeting room, lounge, self-cleaning pantry, focus room, front desk area, locker, and smoking area. The third floor is the rooftop, medium meeting room, multipurpose room, and kitchen area
    Registration can be done through our Host at the Front Desk or beforehand through your own devices. No pausing and canceling memberships.
    Once your registration and payment are done, you will get a welcome email, notifying about your membership activation. Connect to Connco Work Hub Member Wifi and login with the email address and password you have created upon registration. If you have trouble in logging into your account, please contact our Host at the Front Desk.
    You will be able to receive package/letter using Connco mailing address as below:
    Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 91 2nd Floor, Canggu, Kuta Utara
    Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
    Our janitor service is available from 8 AM to 4 PM.

  2. SPACE
    While you can work anywhere within the Connco Work Hub building, there are two main flex desk working area. All the spaces is air conditioned with flex desks and chairs.
    Equipped with both flex desk and fixed desk, this area is designed for members who want to work with minimum disturbance. The Focus Room is an air conditioned space.
    2.3. SKYPE BOOTH
    Any membership (except for Day Pass) has access to use the Skype Booth for free. We provide 4 Skype Booths to use. The duration of using the Skype Booth is depend on the type of your membership. Members only need to book via Connco Work Hub website without additional fee to use the Skype Booth. This booking is required to prevent double booking with any other members. For further assistance, please contact our Hosts at the Front Desk.
    We provide discussion space to accommodate the needs of sharing thoughts and ideas. This Discussion Room is accessible for free for any type of memberships. It is situated close to the small meeting room to ensure other members will not be disturbed by the discussion.
    We have three meetings room with various sizes that will suit your needs. The small one is located on the second floor with maximum capacity of 6 people. The medium meeting room is on the third floor with maximum capacity of 8 people. The Multipurpose Room is the biggest one with maximum capacity up to 30 people. Fixed Desk, Unlimited, Night Owl, and 100 Hours membership will get free access to use the meeting room based on their membership. Connco Work Hub members just need to book via our website without additional fee.
    2.6. ROOFTOP
    Our rooftop is enough to accommodate up to 30 people for various purpose such as gatherings, events, screenings, or cocktail party.
    2.7. LOUNGE
    Equipped with tables and chair where members can work as well as interacting with other members for chat or discussion, we also provide 50 inch smart TV for our weekly event, Movie/Karaoke Night. The lounge area can accommodate up to 25 people.
    This area is located close to the discussion area and small meeting room.
    2.9. TERRACE
    Located next to focus room and lounge, members can use this space to enjoy their meals. Connco Work Hub allows its members to bring food from outside.
    Located in the lounge area, we provide self-cleaning pantry where members can get complimentary water, tea, and coffee for members, and also refrigerator, microwave, as well as plates, cups, and cutleries for members to use.
    2.11. FRONT DESK
    If you have any question, don’t hesitate to come to the Front Desk and our Host will assist you about your needs.

    3.1. Working area
    3.2. Internet access with speed up to 100 MB/s per line
    3.3. Meeting rooms
    3.4. Skype booths
    3.5. Lockers
    (Unlimited and Fixed Desk member will have free access for the locker. Other membership can use the locker with IDR 50,000 deposit that will be returned upon giving back the locker key at the Front Desk)
    3.6. Printer, copier, and scanner.
    3.7. Pantry with complimentary coffee/tea/drinking water, refrigerator, microwave, cups, cutlers, and plates.
    3.8. Pool with pool towels for rent. Please contact our Host at the Front Desk for more information.
    (Members will have access to use the pool from 8 AM to 4:30 PM)
    3.9. Hot shower with bath towels for rent. Please contact our Host at the Front Desk for more information.

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